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Energy savings combined with increased security and safety.

Energy savings combined with increased security and safety.

With the addition of a few Lutron dimmers you can deter a potential burglar by giving your home a “lived in” look while your out for the evening or out of town on vacation.   By a simple push of a button on your phone you can activate a preprogrammed series of lighting scenes that turn on and off specified lights at random intervals to make it appear as if someone is home.  Never come home to a cold/dark house again!  Add Lutron lighting to your home and arrive to a warm well lit home every time.  Ever sat down at home to watch a movie and forgot to turn off the lights? Don’t get up, grab your remote and with the push of a button set the mood for a great movie or a romantic evening. Ever pulled out of the driveway for an evening out and forgot to leave a few lights on? Now you can take care of that right from the seat of your car or truck. Simply press a pre-programmed button on your Lutron smart phone app and a preset scene of lights will come on to your desired levels.

Saving money is a no-brainer, right?  Have you ever noticed when your light bulb burns out?  Almost always when you are turning it on, right? This happens because the filament in your bulb is slammed with the voltage every time it is turned on thus weakening the filament a little every time it is turned on. With Lutron dimmers you can extend the life of your bulb because they gradually transfer power to the filament when you turn on the light instead of slamming it with the full 120v.  This is what we call “fade on”.  This is just one of many ways you can save money and extend the life of your light bulbs by adding a Lutron dimmer.

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