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If you are like 80% of the country, you have high-speed internet in your home.  The days of going to Blockbuster to rent a movie are virtually gone.  An unlimited library of movies and TV shows literally sits at your fingertips.  From Netflix to Apple TV to Hulu and Amazon just about anything you can imagine can be streamed directly into your living room in an instant.  Or can it? Is your home network reliable? Do your movies jitter and buffer?  It’s not your Apple TV, it’s not Netflix, it’s your network.  Not all networks are created equal!

With the massive increase in popularity of streaming video services it has never been more important to have a secure and reliable home network.  Your experience with these services is heavily dependent on your networks ability to support multiple smart devices as well as streaming audio and video.

If you are anywhere close to the average family you might have 4-5 members in your household.  These days that’s 4-5 smart phones, 2-3 tablets, and 2-3 personal computers.  That’s potentially 11 network connected devices constantly pinging the internet for new emails, updates, or other information.  That doesn’t include any IP cameras, printers, TV’s, Blu-Ray players, Apple TV’s, Amazon Fire’s, or other network attached devices.  So it’s not a stretch to imagine the average home has 20 network connected devices any given evening.  Further emphasizing the importance of a secure and reliable home network.  It’s no secret, everyone has experienced the frustration of slow internet when you need it the most.  Here is a secret, it may not be your ISP (Internet Service Provider), it might be your network.

Your network is only as strong or fast as the weakest link.  Whether that weakest link is the cheapest wiring the builder had his electrician wire your home with, cheap/faulty connections, or a router/switch not capable of handling your network speeds.  Let us help you design a home network that will take you as far into the future as you want to go.  Don’t settle for slow network speeds or spinning wheels waiting for your email to load.  Remember, a hard wired internet connection is always faster and more reliable than a wireless internet connection.

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